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: Red Star Ads

Use Red Star Ads to tell travellers about your outlet or service:

  • Promote your outlet and offer discounts to travellers who are in your country right now.
  • Smartphone GPS technology allows you to target travellers close to where you are.
  • Set up easy-to-manage bid per impression ads.
  • Advertise for free for a limited period on non-premium pages.
Example Smartphone Ads: Example Website Ad:
Eat, drink & be merry
Sam's Restaurant
10% off main dishes for all Red Stars & Big Shots.

Note: brands shown in the app pictures above are for illustration only, they may not be current advertisers.

What are Red Stars and Big Shots?

A Red Star traveller has all five coloured stars including the sought-after top red star (see left image, above). These are the most streetwise travellers who make frequent and useful comments in the network. They've earned a reward!

A Big Shot (see centre image, above) is the top Red Star user in a country; there is only ONE. As the top Red Star traveller they deserve an extra special discount.

How the bidding system works

When you decide your bid price you should consider Today's Top Bid. Journeywatch's bid per impression system sorts advertisements in bid order. If you are the top bidder, you will get the top slot for the countries you've selected.

This means your ad will appear at the top of the Red Star Ads on the mobile apps. Your ad will also appear on the Big Shot's page and on the main country page on the website, for the countries you've selected.

Red Star Ads offer discounts. Why?

When you create a Red Star Ad, you must offer a discount on one or more of your products to our Red Star and Big Shot travellers. This is a reward to them for helping to keep people informed as they travel.

As an advertiser, you benefit because all users have access to your advertisements and are incentivised to come to your outlet and buy your products.

How do I verify a Red Star user or Big Shot?

When a Red Star traveller redeems a discount they will show you the name on their ID and on their Journeywatch profile on their smart phone. If the two names match and you can see on their smart phone that they're a Red Star or Big Shot, you've verified that they're eligible for the discount.

Tell your customers about Journeywatch Red Stars

You can increase your sales to travellers, and awareness of Journeywatch's Red Star campaign, by displaying Journeywatch merchandising in your outlet. Email us at for more information.